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Women! It's time to reclaim the Way of the Feminine!

Welcome to Flow of Red, the Place Where Transformation Happens. We talk about the menstrual cycle, sexuality and feminine embodiment.

I am Julika the founder of Flow of Red and and the practice of Menstrual Alchemy. Menstrual Alchemy is the art of awakening your powers and find true inner guidance through the menstrual cycle. It's all about learning to ride the waves of your feminine rhythms for growth and embodiment, so that you can be the unique woman that you are. At the same time, for that to happen, it is about releasing the pressure of having your body to be more "patriarchy friendly."

I experienced all of the classical cycle related health issues until I realized what the problem was behind my symptoms: I was totally cut off from my Femininity and HER biological rhythms. My brain was dictating all of my life choices, how I saw myself and when I was allowed to rest. My body was nothing but a slave to my brain, never good enough of course. That's why I founded Flow of Red, to share the knowledge and experience that are helping me reclaim my Femininity, establish a Feminine Workflow with more impact and less effort, heal my symptoms and bring me home to the woman I forgot to be.

You can work with me 1on1, in Workshops or in Women's Circles, online or in person (Vienna) in English or German. (See Menu)


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